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In the Geisha District @
Downtown Kyoto city!!

Best location

Easily walk to and from the hostel

To most major points of interest: Shopping, World Class Gourmet dining and local Cheap Eats, Bar District, and Clubs, Discos, Bars, Izakaya and more...

Good services & prices

You name it and we got it!

Save money and stay with us! we got single, doubles, dorms with groove ambient + free wifi connection and all you need to enjoy Kyoto and have fun : )

Booking for groups

Accommodation for all types of group

We are perfectly prepared for accomodating all kinds of groups. With many years of experience, we understand travellers need and group bookings.

In the heart of downtown Kyoto!!

GION Hostel is right cross the street from KAMOGAWA RIVER

Located in the centre of Downtown Kyoto city!! Visitors have luxurious advantage of being in front of the spectacular Kamogawa River and surrounding cultural sights. Discover the ancient capital of Japan and experience the rich 1000 year history of one of Japan’s oldest cities. Known as the cultural capital of Japan it is the Mecca for Buddhism, Tea Ceremony, Kabuki, Ikebana Flower Arrangement and Traditional Japanese Cuisine: Tofu, Kaiseki, Sweets, Green Tea, Architecture, Machiya (Traditional Japanese houses),Kimono, Geisha Districts, Bamboo Forests, and Sakura.

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On the Hostel’s doorstep is great shopping for all tastes.

The bustling night life of Kiyamachi Bar District filled with Bars, Ramen Noodle shops, Street Food, Gyoza, Kebab shops, Karaoke, Pubs, and Dance Clubs, open from dusk till dawn EVERYNIGHT!!!

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

The area encompasses half of the city known as Old Kyoto. One of the most popular destinations to visit in Japan for foreign and japanese Tourists. Kyoto’s number one Bar / Nightlife District.

Hop across the Kamogawa River to DOWNTOWN Kyoto!!

Shopping, World Class Gourmet dining and local Cheap Eats, Bar District, and Clubs, Discos, Bars, Izakaya (Japanese Tapas Style Bar) all a 5 minute walk from the Kyoto BakPak GION Hostel. The Hostel is on the edge Gion Geisha District.

See Geisha walking by the front of the Hostel.

As they make their way to lessons, school, appointments and work. Walk through the streets of the Gion District, time slip back into Old World Japan a time of rich cultural renaissance and birth of important Japanese Traditions still upheld today. Up the street is the World Famous Minamiza Kabuki Theater the oldest Kabuki Theaters in Japan.

Some of Japan’s most famous and important cultural spots !!!

Recognized by UNESCO half of the city known as “Old Kyoto” contains a huge concentration of important cultural sights are a World Heritage site, more then any other area of Japan.

If you want to see the real traditional culture of Japan.

Kyoto is the city to experience the real “JAPAN” Major Sights include: Kiyomizu Temple , Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Ryoanji Temple (World Famous Zen Rock Garden),Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion),Heian Shrine, Sanjusangeundo, Toji Temple, Kenninji Temple (one of the oldest Buddhist temples of the Rinzai Sect), Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle, Arashiyama, Bamboo Forest.

Fushimi Inari Shrine (100 Red Tori Gates cover this mountain shrine as seen in Lost in Translation), Byodouiun (the famous temple engraved on the back of 10 Yen Coins), Uji (one of the most famous Green Tea production areas in Japan), Fushimi (center of Sake making in Kyoto), Kyoto Ebisu shrine (God of Merchants: Wealth, Luck, and Prosperity), Nishiki Food Market, Nishijin Kimono Textile Weaving, Raku Pottery, Urasenke and Omote-Senke Tea Culture, Ikebana, Kabuki, and endless chances to see the “real” Japanese culture only in Kyoto!!!! Come experience the authentic Japanese culture and everyday life. Get the photos your friends at home are waiting to see.

Spend a night out on the town

Food, drink and entertainment is all minutes from the Gion Hostel

After a long day sight seeing take a break and spend a night out on the town. Food, Drink and Entertainment is all minutes from the Hostel so put you dancing shoes on and get down.

There are no worries about transport arrangements. The hostel is just a stones throw away from where you want to be. Kyoto also has a great public transportation system so save time and see more going on the bus. We are waiting for you to come and experience the city Japan calls “the SOUL of Japan”.

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