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In the Geisha District @
Downtown Kyoto city!!

Kyoto sightseeing


2 minutes walk from the Gion Hostel

The most famous Geisha District in Japan.

Shijo Kawaramachi – Kiyamachi & Pontocho

Only 5 minutes walk from the hostel across Shijo Bridge on the otherside of the Kamogawa River

Downtown Kyoto!! Various businesses that maintain centuries-old traditions, to top fashion shops. Kawaramachi is the main street of Kyoto. Kiyamachi is the main Bar District filled with places to eat, drink, and dance the night away. Pontocho next to Kiyamachi is one of the oldest Geisha Districts in Kyoto and is also home to some of the cities finest Restaurants. If you are lucky you will see one of the beautiful Geisha’s walking through Pontocho.

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Kyoto Imperial palace

Once the residence of the Imperial Family before the capital was moved to Tokyo. The grounds of the Imperial Palace have become a park enjoyed by locals and tourists. A popular dog walking course and hangout for families a nice place to escape from urban life. You must book for the tour to see the inside of the palace. Please register by going to the Imperial Palace Household Agency.

Kiyomizu Temple

Located on the hill it overlooks the city. Built in 798 it has survived many changes through the ages and remains one of the must see destinations if you come to Kyoto. A World Heritage site it is famous for its unique architectural design. The huge veranda of the temple hangs over the hillside supported by 139 pools each 15 Meters tall. Below the main hall there is a famous waterfall which is known to bring Fortune, Health, and Wealth to people who drink the water. Beautiful in all seasons a great place to go to enjoy the sunset over Kyoto.

Kennin-ji Temple

Located only 5 minutes from the Hostel it is one of Japan’s Oldest Rinzai Sect Temples. Famous for its Dragon Painting of the Main Hall the grounds also have an excellent Zen stone garden.

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Minamiza Kabuki Theater

Less than a minute walk from the Hostel

Minamiza Kabuki Theater is the oldest Kabuki Theater in Japan. Located in Gion a 1 minute walk from the Hostel.

Kinkakuji (Gold Pavilion Temple)

One of the landmarks of Kyoto. The Pavilion is covered in Gold Leaf. A truly amazing site popular with foreign and natives it is a must see spot in Kyoto. There is also a very nice traditional Tea House on the grounds. For a separate fee you may enjoy a cup of traditional Japanese Green Tea with a seasonal Japanese sweet. Afterwards why not stroll down to Ryoanji which is a 10 minute walk which has the most famous Zen rock garden in Japan. Both are World Heritage sites.

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