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From Sep 15th - March 31st / 2011

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Private Rooms

Room Type Description Price/Night
Single (Small size) Japanesse Style ¥3,500
Single West/Jap ensuite Tv + Dvd + Pc ¥6,500 -> ¥5,000
DOUBLE ROOM Tv + Dvd + Pc ¥8,000 -> ¥7,000
TWIN ROOM Standard TWIN Room ¥8,000 -> ¥7,000
TRIPLE ROOM Tv + Dvd + Pc ¥10,500 -> ¥9,000
4BEDDED ROOM (Family /Group) Tv + Dvd + Pc ¥14,000 -> ¥12,000

Dorms (prices per person)

Room Type Description Rates
10 BED DORM 10 Bedded Dorm ¥ 2,100 -> ¥ 2,000
6 BED DORM 6 Bedded Dorm ¥ 3,000 -> ¥2,500
4 BED DORM 4 Bed Dorm Tv, Dvd, Pc ¥ 3,500 -> ¥ 3,000

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