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Frequent questions & answers

1. Check In Time? 15:00 PM

2. Check Out Time? 11:00 AM

3. Frontdesk open hours? 10:00 AM - 23:00 PM

4. Is the curfew in the hostel? No curfew

5. Do you take credit cards?
Yes we take Visa, Mastercard & Amex. But all credit card payments attracts extra 5% charge.

6. Do you have luggage storage? Yes there are storage lockers.

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7. What is your cancellation Policy? No show attracts a penalty of 1 night charge.

8. Do you accept Reservation modification?
Yes, but we only accept modification of reservation 72 hours prior to arrival.

9. Do you have age restriction? No

10. Do you provide breakfast service?
No, But we do provide free tea, coffee, cream & snacks services.

11. Does the rooms comes with washroom & bathroom?
All rooms are ensuite fully furnished and equipped bathroom, washroom, aircondition, heater, Hair dryer etc.

12. What type of rooms do you have?
The hostel has both Western and Japanese style room and they are all ensuite type.

13. Do I have to bring my sleep bag or linen?
No, you don't need to bring a sleep bag or linen they are all provided for free.

14. Can i share single room with someone else? Sorry no, If you want to share your room with some one then you need to book a double room or a twin room or triple room.

15. how do I make a reservation?
Online booking, email your request, phone call, send a fax or chat with our 24 hrs online help.

16. Do you accept large group reservation? Yes we do accept group reservation. For group reservation please use the online group request form, call, email or fax your request and we will respond short after receiving it.

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