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This one of the few traditional places left in Tokyo. During the Edo period, it marked the Northern limit of the city. mostly known for its touristical attraction. Some of the sightseeing attractions are The Senso-ji Temple, Kaminarimon gate, Sumida river and the nakamise shopping street for Japanese souvenirs.


This is a local Japanese society and the you can see the UENO PARK which is big for Cherry blossom viewing and it's also the Tokyo Zoological Gardens. Ameyoko shopping street is a must see market, it harbours tons of flee market. The street is always crowded with people like festival.


This district in tokyo dedicate to electrical and electronics sales. Its called Akiba for short. Make sure you have your passport with you to enjoy duty free shopping for computer and electronics. It’s also big for manga, maid café, internet cafés and more.


is Known as the fish market is the bisggest fish market worldwide. Millions of fishes and seafood arrive from all over the world daily at the Tsukiji Market. The auctions takes place very early so if you want to have glimpse of the auction without a hussle you need to be there very early between 5:00 am- 7:00 am. The market is the best location to have sushi breakfast. Also in tsukiji is the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple.


the mecca of sumo in Japan. Sumo is a Japanese kind of wrestling and Japan's national sport. It originated in aceint times as religious performances to the Shinto gods. Its held 3- 6 times annually. Ryogoku houses the the sumo arena and its filled with chanko restuarants and the other sumo related information.


is a town always dominated with teenage Japanese. A shopping and entertainment district for japanese teenagers. Fashionable, cute and crazy dressing and make-ups. You need to be in Harajuku on Sunday to see it your self.


It is the tokyo`s teen entertainment centre almost every school kid in tokyo knows shibuya. Shibuya is not as flashy as shinjuku but ist very interesting with many departments shops ,giant screens playing music,videos and advertisements. Its very good for window shopping and its always jammed parked with fashionable funny japanese kids on weekends.


It is the busiest hub in the center of the city of Tokyo and over two million people pass through its main train station daily.Shinjuku offers everything from huge departments stores, entertainment centers to restaurants and the locations shown in the movie, Lost in Translation, including The Park Hyatt Hotel and the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Paronamic views of Tokyo can seen from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. The night life in Shinjuku is best seen late at night in Kubuki-cho where there are movie theatres, cheap restaurants, and street entertainment.


This biggest western community in japan. Its filled with restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs & dance clubs. Roppongi is known for its night life and rendezous spots. The Roppnogi Hills building and Tokyo mid town, a mecha of the rich and famous, towers over the sky line. Its the hub of fine dining & drinking, making freinds with japanese and freinds from all over.


The Imperial Palace houses the Emperor of Japan and its household. The palace is located on the former site of the Edo Castle. Very big space with stones and greenish trees and flowers. The East Gardens of Imperial Palace is nearby the entrance through Otemon Gate.

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